IZAL | 26.10.19 | Pan Piper


PAN PIPER, 2-4 impasse Lamier, 75011 Paris.
26 octobre 2019 | 19:30 Ouverture des portes | 20:00 IZAL

EARLY BIRD TICKET → 25,00 EUR (tarif épuisé)
PORTE → 35,00 EUR

Plein Tarif + Frais de Gestion
Digitick  Plein Tarif 30,00€ + 3,00€ ACHETER
Fnac  Plein Tarif 30,00€ + 3,00€ ACHETER
Weezevent  Plein Tarif 30,00€ + 3,00€ ACHETER


Coming from different previous projects, with over 10 years of music behind them, five musicians formed IZAL in late 2010. IZAL are formed by Mikel Izal, vocalist and composer, Alejandro Jorda (drums), Emanuel Perez (Bass) Alberto Pérez (Guitars) and Ivan Mella (Keyboards). Now, IZAL is well known as headliners of festivals and with its own tour, called “Gira Autoterapia”, the band congregated more than 34.000 people just in Madrid (2 sold outs in WiZink Center). IZAL, chosen as the favourite band for festivals audience, has sold more than 100.000 tickets sold in big venues and pavilions in Spain only this year 2019.


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